We’ve all had that moment whereupon resuming school from summer break we barely recalled what we had read the previous semester. Conversely, some students in the class seemed to have all answers at their fingertips, as though they never went on holiday. 

The above situation is known as a summer setback and usually occurs due to the lack of revision of course content over the long break. Here, we will look at how to prevent summer learning loss to ensure quality academic performance.

Making the most of summer: summer learning loss prevention

Like all skills, failure to practice various educational concepts will result in loss of mastery in a subject. Practice is thus critical for retaining all the knowledge you had amassed in your previous semester. 

Unfortunately, studying can prove a challenging task with various distractions of summer activities. Here are some tips to help you learn this summer:

  1. Find/ become a tutor

Tutoring is a great way to master concepts you were struggling with and to make a buck in your area of expertise. With various students seeking guidance in multiple subjects, you may opt to enroll as a tutor.

Besides helping others along their academic journey, you get to interact with various concepts further, solidifying your understanding. Even more, you can make some cash to make the most of summer break. 

Equivalently, the free time at your disposal is a great opportunity to analyze your weaknesses. After noting your weak study area, engage a tutor for guidance on the right approach toward various concepts. 

  1. Make a study schedule

Practice is essential in building your mastery of a subject. As such, neglecting your books may cause various concepts you were familiar with to fade, setting you back a couple of steps in your academic journey.

When on summer break, set aside some hours to study daily and revisit the concepts you had studied in the previous semester. Also, set goals for each session and commit to your schedule to overcome the distraction presented by summer activities. 

  1. Form a study group

Study groups are among the thoughtful summer plans for high school students. these groups diversify your pool of knowledge, allowing you to guide each other through various areas of weakness.

These groups also help overcome procrastination and serve as a support system to overcome procrastination. When forming these groups, seek various peers on your platforms to gain diverse approaches to learning various subjects. 

  1. Attend summer camp

Summer camp is popular among various summer tips for kids. If you have few friends to consult on educational matters, summer camp is a great option to diagnose your weaknesses in various fields. 

These programs usually offer a wide range of training and access to experts in various fields of education. Summer camps thus offer great exposure and allow students to interact with their peers and develop various essential soft skills. 

  1. Engage in creative writing

Creative writing opportunities are rife in summer and thus offer a great chance to put your writing skills to the test. These opportunities may be in the form of contests, gigs, and tutoring, offering you a decent chance to buff your writing and make some little cash along the way. 

Final take

As you enjoy your summer break, we recommend that you apply these tips to keep track of your academics. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts for custom support and guidance on various concepts you tackle over the holiday. Have a great summer break!

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